Wednesday, February 24, 2010

18 weeks today

i have gained about 14 lbs so far. feeling big yet everyone says i don't even look pregnant. so i asked dave about that. he candidly said that's because my stomach is not the only thing getting bigger - my whole body is. so it just looks like i'm gaining weight (not for a baby). nice...right after he said it he realized that it was the completely WRONG thing to say and tried to take it back...fortunately, i know what he means so i wasn't too upset. but still...not fun to hear it out loud.

i hope to have dave take a picture of "us" sometime soon and post for all you curious people out there. mainly...erica :)

saturday we were looking at the pregnancy book and read that the baby is about the size of our hands now. and they had an illustration of what it probably looks like. dave was shocked because it was the first time he'd looked at the book. he thought the baby still looked like a shrimp or something, like in the very, very early pics (like 6 weeks or something). so he was pretty excited to see that it looks human now. :) i thought he was so funny!

i thought that maybe i felt the baby move on sunday, but i'm not totally sure. i think that will be very exciting when i know for sure... :)

my pregnancy book told me not to sleep on my back or i would cut off the bloodflow to the baby. so i'm sleeping on my sides constantly. except there have been a couple times i've woken up in the night on my back. and i am almost panic-stricken because i don't want to do something to hurt the little thing. ahhh

i'm thankful that i am feeling great. and that on days that i don't feel 100% i often have the freedom to take it easy. david has given me that freedom because he's willing to work harder than ever before and because he's willing to not spend money on anything extra. i love him for all that.

we go to see the midwife again in about 10 days. hopefully we will hear the heartbeat again, etc.

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    oh don't worry about the sleeping on the back thing, your body will tell you if you are restricting the blood supply. I woke up on my back all the time, it's just not good to lay that way for very long periods of time, but you won't harm your baby!

    18 weeks already! That is great!!! It's possible to feel the baby at this point, but I didn't until I was around 22 weeks, I found out the gender (both times) around this time!

    Hope things continue to go well! I would say by the way you are carrying (or as was described) it could be a boy! That's how I carried Ryan--I gained ALL over..with Molly I was ALL belly!