Wednesday, March 3, 2010

baby shower registries

my mom & sister and my friend amie are throwing me some baby showers in the next couple months. i am so excited to get together with all my favorite women in the world and celebrate that we're having a baby!! and even though most people hate shower games, i think that if someone has one, i might actually enjoy it.

so i determined that i better get some gift registries prepared. this task is very daunting. i have been planning it out in a way since the day i was married....haha....but now that it's time to actually set it all up, i'm overwhelmed.

a couple months ago i told dave that i didn't really plan to register for that much stuff for the baby and i'd tell people that they could give gifts of $ to our child's college fund if they wanted as an alternative....he really liked that idea of course. because he hates plunder in the house and our house is already full of plunder, etc, etc. but it seems he took this a little to the extreme. because last night i was working on setting up the registries and he said...."why are you doing that? our baby doesn't need anything" i said "well, it at leasts needs a few basics like a crib mattress and some bedding." and he said, "i thought we already got a crib" i said, "yes, we got a crib, but it doesn't have a mattress. it just has bars to support the mattress." he said, "well, the baby doesn't need a mattress. don't you remember falling down as a child? it didn't even hurt. kids are tough. it can sleep on plywood." and i'm thinking...."he CAN'T be serious!" i said, "when was the last time you held a little baby? they seem so fragile"............he said the suggestions that the stores are giving me for what to register for are "Need creation." now, i can see a little bit of that....but seriously. making your baby sleep on plywood???

so, anyways, we have a little bit of work/discussion to do before dave's ready to go with me to the stores to finalize the registries, apparently. i am praying that he will come around.


  1. oh my! I hope he's not serious! Babies do need things! And plywood is not one of them! (hello, Child Protective Services!) I think he'll come around, and you know people will buy you stuff you need anyway, whether you have a registry set up or not...that being said, I will buy you some "essentials!" LOL

    LOL..seriously still laughing at Dave, I can totally hear him saying this right now! Oh Dear!

  2. I guess technically, a baby could sleep on plywood. A firmer mattress (or surface) is better for infants anyway because of safety issues. Softer surfaces are dangerous.

    On the other hand, I would avoid plywood - I'd be more concerned with splinters. OUCH!!

    As for registries - bouncy seats and onesies are a must!

    Also, if you plan to cloth diaper - make sure it is known on your registry. Cloth diapers are a bit of an investment at first, but a big money saver in the long run.

    Toasty baby is a local diaper service that will come to your house and introduce you to their products. When they come to your house, they don't bring products for sale - only what they demonstrate. So, it is very low pressure.

  3. Here is their website.