Wednesday, April 21, 2010

26 weeks today!

well, there you have it. 26 weeks photo. taken just like 5 minutes ago.
more of a belly showing now i think :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my friends' little boy and i just went for a walk in our baby's new stroller/carseat combo that our other friends gave us. :) we walked 2.5 miles. woohoo! i think that he liked getting outside in the fresh air...and he gave me the biggest smile when i said, "can you say 'dadadadada'?" then he made an "mmmm" sound as if to try to say "mom". how sweet!
had a very rough night last night. woke up 4 times. went to the bathroom 2 of those times. rolled over in pain the other 2. nice...and i had been sleeping so well the past couple months! i hope that this does not continue. once around 5 i woke up with this terrible joint/nerve pain in my mid to lower back. i woke dave up to rub it. every time i took a breath and my lungs expanded i had a sharp pain. made me not want to breathe! so i said a prayer to the ultimate healer and fortunately, when i got up and walked around and went to the bathroom, the pain miraculously went away.

Monday, April 19, 2010


more than once i've received the advice to walk while pregnant. i was determined before getting pregnant that the day i found out, i'd start walking on a daily basis. unfortunately, i've spent several months in total slothful laziness. but as the weather has turned and spring has sprung, i've really turned over a new leaf.

david is somewhat onboard with this new healthy habit. in fact, for him, he's started a new exercise program to combat his inflexibility. he does exercises every night before bed now, and in just a weeks time he's gone from being 1 foot away from touching his toes, to being able to touch them. and he said that's the first time he has touched his toes in his entire life!

we've also started eating more healthy foods. tonight i made chicken chili out of a weight loss cookbook. it was very yummy!

but, anyways, back to my walking...last week i walked about 4 nights. i walked anywhere from 0.5 mile to 2 miles each night. and tonight i walked 2.5 miles. my mom says that by walking she was able to have very, very short labors that were relatively not painful. so...i'm all for that. with every step i took tonight, i promised myself that it would only help me in july (...or...whenever God says it's time to meet the baby). i feel so good when i walk.

i'm babysitting a friend's little 7 month old boy tomorrow. since i already have a stroller (!!) i think that i will take him for a walk in it. i'm sure he will enjoy the beautiful weather too.

Friday, April 16, 2010

25 weeks and 2 days....holy cow!

so, apparently, we are going to have a baby in about 3 to 3 1/2 months give or take....the reality of this statement scares me a bit. i'm not sure that it will really be real to me until i see the baby for the first time. i feel it move sometimes and we've heard the heartbeat but it still just doesn't seem real i guess.

here's a pic of me holding the 3 sea shells i got at the ocean on easter for david, one for me and a little one for the baby :)

the pic below was taken at 16 weeks and 1 day...
at that point still wearing my regular clothes, but the pants were a bit tight.

the pic below was taken at 19 week and 3 days,
still in my regular jeans...feeling frumpy.

this was taken at 22 weeks and 1 day...
had just started wearing maternity clothes...

here i am right before we left for vacation...very tired that morning and sneezing a bunch...
23 weeks and 2 days.
this isn't really a maternity shirt. but you can sort of see the belly.

today i'm at 25 weeks, 2 days. i'd post a pic but i look horrible...
maybe dave will take one of me this weekend :)