Tuesday, February 9, 2010

heartbeat and other baby stuff

well, we heard the heartbeat last night. i thought it was pretty cool and started laughing. hey, at least i didn't cry! but i was just kind of relieved to actually have some sort of proof and evidence that the baby is indeed alive in there and really exists. dave had such a sweet look of pride when he heard it. awww...like he was thinking "that's my little baby in there!!" and he called me this morning to tell me that he'd been thinking about the baby all day and telling all his coworkers about the heartbeat. makes me so happy...

he was very pleased with our midwife. last night was the first time that he met her. and he couldn't hardly stop talking about what a good decision i'd made in going with her. i felt even more at peace with the decision too after last night.

we talked a lot about diet, exercise, etc. and nailing down the due date once again. now she's saying july 29th. originally it was july 28th. there's still some question about that. but i feel confident that it's a good guess. she said again that we could do a dating ultrasound right now but we decided not to. she's not really pushing it either way. it just might result in confusion later on if we think i'm only 36 weeks but really 38 or something. but from my charting before getting pregnant, i really think that i've got a pretty good guess.

we also discussed where in our house we might put the birthing tub and a little bit about how this will all go. the tub is 6 ft in diameter. so we are thinking it will either go in the great room (biggest room in the house). or *gasp* outside. how cool would that be? especially if it were night time. i don't think it would be that comfortable in the hot summer humidity. but she said that we can control the temp of the water, so we could make it cool like a swimming pool or something.

we got some videos to watch on water birth and a book to read for our mindsets going into labor. should be interesting.

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  1. Maybe we could build an outdoor gazebo for the 6ft tub! That would be cool!

    We could throw a barbecue and build something nice, or a shack if you would prefer. We could call it the birthing house! (I have a strange sense of humor.)

    Humor aside, it would be awesome to have the tub outside under the stars. If I could do that, I would. It is so cool that you have chosen to do an at home water birth!