Tuesday, January 12, 2010


since erica asked and maybe others are wondering, we will probably hear the heartbeat at the next visit, which was scheduled for feb 1st. however, we now have to reschedule that since dave found out he has a meeting at the same time at church. so...it will either be the monday before or the monday after feb 1st, most likely, when we hear the heartbeat. i'm getting very, very excited about it. i think that it will help to make this whole thing more real to both of us.

tomorrow i will be 12 weeks pregnant and in the 2nd trimester. it is really hard to believe we're reaching that milestone already. wow. if the 2nd and 3rd trimesters go as quickly (which i'm sure they will) then it will really not be that long until our little baby is with us. in some ways that really scares me, and in other ways i'm really excited to meet him/her. after wanting to have a baby for so long and almost giving up hope at various times, it's unreal to me how quickly this time of being pregnant is going.

i will probably post a picture soon of my belly (not bare) just so we can compare it later. i've only gained about 4 lbs (as of the last time i weighed myself) but all my weight is re-distributing to my waist so i have a nice muffin top. and there's some added weight in my chest, too. i can still wear most of my clothes, which is nice. but i suppose it's only a matter of time until i can't do that. dave & i don't think that my face is getting that fat yet, which is nice. but he said that my nose looks different. what's up with that?

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  1. well i have some things to say! haha! My nose got wider and bigger with Ryan and didn't change at all w/ Molly--maybe you are having a boy?? :) I have heard noses get bigger w/ boys and no change for girls..in my case it was true!! How lucky of you to not have gained much in the first trimester and yipppe for getting past the first 12 weeks! God is good! Also...i want to see pics, "muffin top" or not! haha! And i didn't take any bare..my word no..haha...so I want to see that growing belly through a shirt!Oh..my face got super puffy with Ryan and not at all with Molly--another sign it's a boy?? hmm.....you won't necessarily get a puffy face either, so stop checking on it! ha! I cant' wait to hear how the appt. goes and getting to hear the heartbeat--do you plan on getting an ultrasound to find out the gender or are you going to wait (how on earth you can, i have no idea--but then again i'm so impatient! but you know me!) OH--and I hate to break it to you but the last trimester DRAGS on for eternity! Mostly because you are so excited for the baby to get here and you are so done w/ being pregnant at that point...I can't wait for you!!!