Wednesday, January 13, 2010

is it a boy or girl?

i read that too that if your nose changes while pregnant that is a sign you're having a boy. but dave noticed it changing before i even told him about that, so maybe it's not all wishful thinking. it's not that we wouldn't want to have a girl. i've just always thought our first baby would be a boy. i will try to get dave to take a pic of me tonight when he gets home from work...or maybe i'll figure out a way to take one of myself. haha!

and, no, we will probably not get an ultrasound at all (unless i go to like 42 weeks to make sure baby is ok). dave really never wanted to find out the sex of our children until they were born. i kinda did, but since i don't have maternity insurance, we'd have to pay cash for the ultrasound so we are just going to wait since the midwife said it's not necessary.

and i think the guessing the sex is kind of fun. i personally think that the baby is a boy. dave does too. so does his dad. and cassandra, who i babysit for. and i think emily does. right, emily? but based on how many nieces we have and how few nephews we have in dave's family, and some other reasons that i won't explain since they'd be TMI about the conception, odds are we will have a girl. fact, i would feel bad if when we have it, it's a girl, and i've been thinking of her as a boy this whole time. but it's hard not reasoning for thinking it is a boy is based on that time that God showed me our boy name in the Bible in the middle of the night and on what i'm craving (not liking sweets like normal but a bunch of salty and greasy stuff, etc.) and on my nose i don't know if those are good reasons or not. i guess only God knows and for now, I'll just be content with that.

but if anyone wants to comment and let me know what they think it is....that might be kind of fun. we'll see how many votes we get for boy and how many for girl...and then in july, we'll find out who won!

and yeah, erica, thanks for the warning about the last trimester. :) sounds like fun!

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  1. Yes, I think you are having a boy. I always have thought that you would have a boy first. i didn't realize that YOU wanted to know the sex of the baby. I thought both of you wanted a surprise. You should have the ultrasound and find out! Or let me know... :)

    I've been thinking a lot about your baby shower. Let's set a date so that I can get everything in motion. :) You know how much I obsess over throwing parties.... I can't help it!

    Love you!