Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i'm having a day where i am just feeling yucky. i'll feel pretty good then i get hungry and no matter what i choose to eat, i regret it a few minutes later. like i just drank some orange juice. and now i feel like throwing up. i thought that most of this "all-day sickness" was behind me by now...but maybe not! so i was planning to make taco salad for supper. and now i'm just not feeling that so much...what do i do???

anyways, today marks week 13. yay! only 27 more weeks until our baby is with us. well, i say that as if it will be born RIGHT on it's due date. yeah right. only God knows. anyways, i can tell that david is getting more and more excited about it. i'm just not sure. it's like i'm still trying not to get too excited in case there's something wrong. is that weird?

a friend from church scolded me the other night for moving 2 chairs from one room to another for FPU. she said that i should make someone else do it for me since i'm pregnant. it kind of upset me. the chairs weren't even heavy! and i have done a lot more than that since i've been pregnant (like helping move the washer once, carrying half of a sheet of plywood, carrying heavy groceries, etc.). so now i'm being kinda paranoid and worrying that i'm doing too much. i figured that if i was doing too much, though, i would feel like i was in i being a terrible mother already???

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