Thursday, March 25, 2010

22 weeks

As of yesterday, I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I have taken a few more pictures, but can't upload them to my computer right now. The memory is full. Will switch over all files next week onto a new computer, and then I will post the pics.

I started wearing maternity clothes last week. I can still fit in 1 pair of jeans, and fasten them, but they were really big on me to begin with...and they're pretty tight now. These maternity pants are the best! Dave was studying them yesterday as I pulled them up...he was like "They're sweat pants on the top and jeans on the bottom! Why don't you just wear those around the house?" (because he hates when I wear sweats) I said, "I never had them before! But look! I'm wearing them now..."

I've gained just over 20 lbs. I wish that I hadn't gained so much already, as I'm scared of what is yet to come. And I really, really hope that I'm able to lose all this plus more before having my next baby (IF there is another baby). I just feel so huge right now and my belly is barely sticking out yet.

Like I mentioned on my main blog, I have an uncontrollable urge to clean and organize everything in our house now. At first this kind of scared me, because I thought people usually didn't start nesting until right before the baby came. And I really don't want the baby to come yet. But I read one article online that said some women start nesting as early as 5 months. In my case, that is very good, because I have at least 4 months of work to do to get this house ready. I've spent about a week or so on the office. I went through box after box of papers that we've been keeping for no apparent reason. Threw 6 trash bags of stuff away. Eliminated the need for several pieces of junky furniture and can actually use the closet now to store things that I use rather than having a bunch of boxes piled up in there.

My next project is going to be going through about 10 tubs of clothing of mine and getting rid of some of it. None of it fits me. Especially right now. But a lot of it didn't fit me before I became pregnant. And rather than having a bunch of tubs labeled "Katie's tight clothes" in my living room, I feel I should pass them onto someone who can get some use out of them. I read a book that said the average person really only needs 9 or 10 outfits. Anything more than that just complicates your life unnecessarily. Plus, if I lose a bunch of weight in the future, then I can enjoy getting some new clothes.

I am still feeling pretty awesome (which I'm glad about). There have been a few minor things lately that make me feel kind of blah but, seriously, I was prepared for absolute hell thanks to a lot of warnings I'd received from other women over the years, and so far it's been great. I hope that I can still say that after the birth, so that I want to have more children. (I know I probably won't be saying that DURING the least if I can move on afterwards and still have the nerve to go thru this again, that would be great...)

We're going to go on a vacation soon. One last vacation before the baby comes and our lives change forever. Our last real vacation where we went far away was in March 2006. So this is going to be really, really special.

We're planning on going with cloth diapers. We had a rep from come out to our house last Friday night and show us all the options available. And then we set up a registry with them. I'm very excited about this! And David is too. He's probably even more for it than I am...but it is a very mutual decision. He was so glad that he got to sit in on the demonstration. He just kept saying over and over afterward, "Thanks for including me!" It was so sweet.

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