Thursday, December 10, 2009

i am so excited because i just got a book in the mail that i ordered on monday. "To Train Up a Child" by Michael & Debi Pearl, same ones who wrote "Created to be His HelpMeet". I read the Help Meet book last summer and it changed my attitude as a wife so significantly. Unfortunately all those changes did not stick so I'm going to have to re-read it. But if their advice for raising children is half as good as their advice for being a wife, our baby's going to be awesome ;)

I was also excited to see that they sent some brochures for other books they've written, etc. and a magazine that contains a 2010 calendar. Yay! I have a new calendar. Each month has a craft idea to share with your children. It's pretty cool.

Went to Super Walmart today while I was out running errands. Every single thing that I had on my grocery list (ingredients to make good things like corn casserole, salad, etc.) made me want to throw up. Then I left and I had an intense urge to stop by Taco Bell for a chili cheese burrito or Arby's for a roast beef sandwich....but I settled for a chicken wrap and an apple at BP where I stopped to get gas. LOL. Another gas station's the story of the first:

David & Patrick will never let me live down Thanksgiving. I could not bring myself to eat much all day. We had every amazing Thanksgiving food you could imagine. And I ate only about 1 oz of turkey and a tablespoon of sweet potato casserole for dinner. Then on the way home, I asked Dave to pull over at Flying J. I really just had to go to the bathroom. But then I realized how hungry I was. So I bought an egg salad sandwich, chips and 7 up. Once back in the car, I took a few bites of my sandwich and exclaimed "Oh this is so good!" They had to roll down the windows they said that it smelled so horrible. And they laughed at me for not wanting good Thanksgiving food but buying a probably 3 week old sandwich from a truck stop...

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