Tuesday, May 4, 2010


we are in the 3rd trimester now. can you believe that? i've gained more weight so far than i wanted to the entire pregnancy so i'm a little bummed about that. but i am still getting around really well, feel great, etc.

we had our 28 week dr. appt. last night. everything went really well. my blood pressure was back down to normal (it was on the high side of normal on april 1st, the day i was frantically preparing for vacation and rushing around, and there was some concern that if it continued to be high then i'd have to transfer to an ob/gyn...and/or take meds). i also passed the diabetes test, so i don't have gestational diabetes (even after eating a bunch of sweet stuff this weekend! woohoo!) we will also have to wait and see on the results from the blood test about the hemoglobin. last time (a couple months ago) it was really, abnormally high and she attributed that to dehydration. hopefully it will be lower this time. i've really been trying to drink a lot of water (although this weekend kind of threw me off because we were travelling, etc.)
we also got to hear the heartbeat again. last few times it's been around 138 i believe, and this time it was around 130...and it was much louder and clearer. penny (the midwife) said that it sounded really good for this stage of the game. we could hear all the valves working and then we heard the baby move...that was neat. dave also got to feel it move last night when he put his hand on my belly. i think that the baby is sort of a night owl...it seems to always move more in the evenings and when we are getting ready for bed.

we had our first baby shower this past weekend in ohio. my mom and my sister threw this amazing shower. they rented out a room in a restaurant. the food was amazing. the decorations were amazing. the theme was "feather her nest" and there were little glass bird favors and little bird nests at each place with 3 handpainted (by emily) eggs inside...she painted each one a certain color then flecked dots on it with paint on a toothbrush. i think she said she painted 90 eggs. she is an amazing woman! so patient and loving!! also keeping with her amazing attention to detail, emily bought me a handmade necklace that is a birds nest with 3 pearl eggs inside it. it is so sweet and i will treasure it forever!

it was such a warm loving shower. everyone blessed us with amazing gifts for the baby, and a few things for me and david even too! and it was so much fun to see everyone that i hadn't seen for ages. my only regret is that i didn't get to talk to each one of them more.

our bedroom is coming along. we are almost ready to sand and prime the walls some more. then we can paint and get the new carpet and move back in :) at that point, we can clean out the nursery and start setting up the baby's things in there. the crib. the glider. the bookshelf. the dresser/changer (that does not exist yet). and all the beautiful blankets and toys and clothes. yay!

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  1. yay! glad to hear everything is going smoothly! Need another belly shot though!!! :) Hey, I'm coming to your other shower...will rsvp to the people throwing it, but giving you a heads up...probably will just be me, unless it's ok to bring Molly...not sure how you'd feel about that! can't wait for it!!